The House

Juget-Brunet champagne is the reflection of a couple of passionate people

Between tradition and discovery, they work together in this beautiful house founded in 1927 in Aÿ-Champagne by Lucie Juget and Lucien Brunet.

With their sober and meticulous champagnes, Caroline and Benoît Marx tell us the story of four generations of winemakers.

Pinot noir

Benoît Marx

A great champagne is not about taming nature but accompanying it

For the cultivation of the vineyard, we are a great team composed of Caroline, Benoît, Ludovic, Steven and Patrice. Benoît takes care of the vinification in Bouzy, Caroline welcomes you and is at your disposal to make you discover our sparkling universe in Bisseuil.

Our HVE and VDC certifications

The High Environmental Value label is based on indicators measuring the environmental performance of farms.

It is based on four themes:

  • the preservation of biodiversity (insects, trees, hedges, grass strips, flowers, etc.);
  • phytosanitary strategy;
  • fertilization management;
  • irrigation management.

Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne is the application of the principles of sustainable development to viticulture.

It is a voluntary approach that relies on the daily commitment of Champagne winegrowers around 3 areas of action:

  • Biodiversity Footprint
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water footprint